Replacement Battery for ECOTRIC Vortex Ebike-senior

Replacement Battery for ECOTRIC Vortex Ebike-senior

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This 36V 9 Ah (324 Wh) Lithium-Ion battery pack, designed for Vortex, has reliable quality and superior performance. The battery pack uses quality lithium-ion cells, which have high energy density and high discharge efficiency. And it has a super long service life, whose cycle life can reach more than 600 times. For portability and anti-theft reasons, we've made a detachable design that you can take home to charge. The battery securely mounts to the base without connecting any wires.

A spare battery can double the distance you travel. You can completely immerse yourself in the journey without being bothered by low power.




Rated voltage: 36V

Battery capacity: 9Ah

Weight: 7lb

Built-in charge level indicator

Lockable and removable with two includes keys


The battery also has an 18-month warranty. You can view our return policy for details.

For assistance in choosing the right battery for your Ecotric e-bike, please contact us via email(

Please note that we have two kinds of this battery now if you need to buy a new battery for Vortex, please choose the right photo to buy it, if you have any questions, please send it to