Rear wheel for the X-treme 24V newport & malibu electric bike (version 1= "Non" elite models)

  • $279.00

Rear wheel for the X-treme newport & malibu (24 volt) electric bike. This is for version 1 bicycle.

Assembled wheel includes colored rim, spokes, tire, inner tube and 300 watt hub motor. 

Version 1 and version 2 are interchangeable. Rim colors available are Black, Red or Pink. 

Difference between the elite and non elite versions are: Elite model has a zero resistance motor, with a zero resistance motor you will not feel resistance from the motor when you pedal the bike without any power, the non elite are the older models.

If you need the the 24 volt elite model version 2 click here.

If you need the 36 volt elite model click here.

Please note The 24 volt and 36 volt are not interchangeable. You can not use a higher voltage on a lower voltage bike, and vice versa otherwise you burn out your controller.

Please call 1-800-240-1226 before you order to check for availability.


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