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Aostirmotor Electric Bicycle S07-E | City

Aostirmotor Electric Bicycle S07-E | City

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  • Shop Aostirmotor Electric Bicycle S07-E, with free shipping. It's a stylish City E-bike for everyday riding, outings, and errands. If you want an amazing riding experience, buy Aostirmotor Electric Bicycle S07-E now!
  • As an all-terrain e-bike, the sleek streamline contour accentuates the uniqueness and style of your ride. Whereve your dreams lead you, AOSTIRMOTOR will take you there. With 26*4.0 inch fat tires, you can conquer the world. Lightweight aluminum alloy rim, spoke wheel design, high strength and fast speed, making the journey full of joy!
  • Your BICYCLE and BATTERY will be in one package and shipped at the same time.
  • The S07-E has a camouflage green exterior and comes with a rear rack, fenders and headlights. SW-LCD display shows the speed, mileage, and battery capacity. Don't worry about how far you go, the dashboard will record it for you.
  • At the same time, the S07-E adopts fat tire technology and the 26*4.0 inch fat tires can provide maximum contact in any road conditions to achieve the best traction and stability.
  • Compared with the hard fork, the fork shock absorption has better shock absorption effect, hydraulically locking front suspension absorbs energy on descents for a more enjoyable ride.
  • Type: City Commute
  • Size: 26 in.
  • Color: Camouflage Green
  • Age: Adult
  • Frame Material: Alloy

Aostirmotor E-bicycle S07-E

Cost-effective E-City Commute Bike

  • A specialized City Commute bike featuring safe and durable battery and cool appearance.
  • S07 is fully equipped with fenders, front light, 26*4.0 fat tires, and a rear rack. 
  • The high-step frame offers improved weight distribution and stiffness.
  • It embodies a thoughtful balance of classic design, powerful performance and practical utility features. 
  • The powerful rear motor provides 750W of continuous power output, and you can get better traction and control. 
  • It can ride 30 km in pure electric mode. 
  • Load capacity: 300lb.
S07-E Superior Electric Commuting Bike: The S07-E is an everyday, well-rounded electric bike balancing comfort, utility, and performance, topped with crowd-stopping good looks. It's user-friendly design makes it a go-to for commuting, errands, or outings with friends.  Commuting, Affordable, High Quality

750W MOTOR With Maximum Torque 85 N.m: The rear e-bike motor is designed to provide power and boost to riding. Arriving at your destination relaxed and ready to get on with your day.

Great Performance


48V 13AH BATTERY Long Rides: Waterproof, Removable. Get up to 20 miles on a single charge and easily recharge the battery on or off the bike.

Great Performance

  • CAPACITY: 48V 13Ah
  • RANGE: 20 Miles
  • RECHARGE: 5-7H

SW-LCD DISPLAY Programmable, Fully Customizable: We've made it easy to control your E-bike. With five levels of pedal assist and a throttle at your finger tips, it's never been so easeful to get around. Plus, the handlebar display always lets you know how much farther you can go.

Great Performance

  • Battery Capacity
  • USB Charging
  • Odometer
  • Speedometer


26×4.0 Granulated Fat Tires: Provide improved grip and traction on the most  terrian. It can offer you an easy and smooth riding experience. Let you be full of security, no longer afraid of any terrain.

Front 180Mm Disc Brakes: Sensitive front 180mm, rear 160mm mechanical disic brakes provide ample braking force even in the harshest conditions efficiently.

Dental Plate: Durable aluminum crankset guards to provide further protections to the chainring and help the chainstay to travel over rough terrain.

LCD Front Light: Waterproof and high brightness LED light on front to make night driving much safer and more enjoyable.


Aostirmotor electric bikes have a one-year warranty against all manufacturer defects. Please get in touch with us at if you have any issues with your Aostirmotor electric bike. We will assist you in filing a warranty claim with the manufacturer.