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Aostirmotor 350W Urban Ebike A350 | City

Aostirmotor 350W Urban Ebike A350 | City

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  • Shop Aostirmotor 350W Urban Ebike A350, with free shipping. It's a fashionable City E-bike for everyday riding, outings, and errands. If you want an amazing riding experience, buy Aostirmotor 350W Urban Ebike A350 now!
  • Please note: Your BICYCLE and BATTERY will be in one package and shipped at the same time.
  • Outstanding design: Appeared with green outlooks, headlights, 26*2.1 narrow tires, fork shock absorption and W5-LCD display. The streamlined frame design is beautiful and comfortable, very clean and stylish. The seat on this e-bike is a firm and comfortable saddle that reduces bumps while riding, and you can adjust the height yourself to suit your comfort. Such a beautiful and comfortable A350, a city bike, can bring more fun to your cycling trip.
  • Great performance: The continuous 350W motor lets you wind through city blocks like a breeze, and you can enjoy it on an energetic outing. The whole model is small in size, very convenient, and an extremely easy-to-handle city e-bike. The 36V 10Ah lithium battery only takes 4-6 hours to charge, meeting your needs for fast commuting. We have three modes: cycling, pedal assist, pure power mode, you can ride 25-35 kilometers in pure power mode.


  • Type: Urban
  • Size: 26 in.
  • Color: Black with Green
  • Age: Adult
  • Frame Material: Alloy

Aostirmotor 350W Urban Ebike A350

Aostirmotor 36 V 10.Ah 350W Urban Electric city bike

Aostirmotor 350 W Urban ebike vehicle parts

Aostirmotor Urban ebike 350 W Motor

Aostirmotor 350 W Urban Bike LI Battery 36 V 10.Ah

Aostirmotor 350 W urban City Ebike modes of riding

Aostirmotor 350 W urban City Ebike electric recharge mileage

Aostirmotor 350 W urban City Ebike Alloy frame

Aostirmotor 350 W urban City Ebike product details

Aostirmotor electric bikes have a one-year warranty against all manufacturer defects. Please get in touch with us at if you have any issues with your Aostirmotor electric bike. We will assist you in filing a warranty claim with the manufacturer.