Battery for xtreme malibu and newport electric bike

Battery for the X-treme newport and malibu 24 volt beach cruiser electric bike

  • $299.00

Battery for the X-treme Newport and Malibu beach cruiser electric bike. Purchase this 24 volt 10ah lithium battery pack for your xtreme malibu or newport beach cruiser electric bicycle as a spare battery or to use while your original battery is charging, this battery now has 10 amps for longer distance riding as opposed to the previous battery version of only 8 amps. This battery is only for the 24 Volt malibu or newport beach cruiser, It will not work with the 36 volt model, if you need the 36 volt battery for the 36 volt malibu or newport electric bike click this link.

 Starting June 2020 only available color will be in Aluminum.

Please call us at 1-800-240-1226 before you place your order, our inventory changes day by day before we can update our website to reflect the correct inventory.

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