Electric Bike Discount Coupon Codes - $50-$200 OFF on select electric bike models

We will match and beat any Xtreme electric bike offers you can find online, Simply call or email us. Electric bike sale and coupon codes-> get $50-$200 OFF your electric bike by simply inputting coupon code "sale" to get $50 OFF any 24 volt or 36 volt model or enter coupon code "xtreme" during checkout for $200 off any 48 volt model. Special Promotional Sale On All Xtreme 48 Volt Electric Bikes, Models Include: The Xtreme Rocky Road fat tire 48 volt electric bike, X-treme Catalina 48 volt electric bike / beach cruiser, Xtreme Santa Cruz 48 volt electric bike;/ beach cruiser, Sedona 48 volt electric bike, Summit 48 volt, and the Rubicon 48 volt ebike. ("Financing is also available through") PayPal.com Once you are Approved for PayPal Financing simply come back to our online store, and checkout using your Paypal account.


Coupon code for electric bikes

In addition get $50 OFF any 24 volt or 36 volt x-treme electric bike by using coupon code (sale).

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