Collection: Xtreme Electric Bikes

Xtreme electric bikes offer a variety of quality models at affordable prices. With our standard ONE-year manufacturer warranty on all bikes and LIFETIME technical support, you can be sure you have purchased a quality bike. Xtreme's primary focus is providing an electric bike for your personal needs. Whether riding the beach, mountains, or streets, Xtreme has several options for each category. Not only are Xtreme electric bikes made of quality, but also sleek designs. Xtreme's elegant structure guarantees you will be noticed on the trails. 

 Xtreme most popular collection is their Xtreme electric fat tire bikes.  Click here to view this collection. 

Our Review of the X-Treme Electric Bike

Each month there are over 450,000 searches for the term electric bike. A few years ago, most people had not heard of an electric bike, especially in 2001 when X-Treme electric bikes came on the scene. You don't stay in the electric bike business for over twenty years unless you manufacture a quality bike. At Electric Bikes and Scooters, we offer all X-Treme ebikes. Whether you are looking for an electric bike to cruise on the beach, such as the Xtreme Catalina, or you are looking for a mountain electric bike, Xtreme has the bike for your situation at a reasonable price. We offer free shipping on all Xtreme bikes. Each Xtreme bike has a one-year warranty on the bike and the battery. The warranty allows you to ride your bike for a year without worrying about an expensive repair due to a manufacturing defect. Once you receive your Xtreme bike, there will be some assembly required. You will usually need to install the front wheel, handlebars, and seat. It should not take very long for you to be ready to ride your new Xtreme bike. A question that is often asked is how long it will take me to charge the battery. An Xtreme 48V bike is charged fully in three to four hours. A 24V bike is fully charged in four to six hours. The Xtreme Catalina is one of the most popular ebikes on the market. It does a great job of balancing quality with price. From the smallest bolt to the frame, it is made out of Aluminum. You won't ever have to deal with rust. The LCD screen allows you to select how much power consumption. This will allow you to get up to 70 miles on a charge. You can ride up to 45 minutes while averaging 18MPH. That is impressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can I place X-treme Electric Bikes order by phone?

Ans. Yes!, You can visit our website to place your X-treme e-bike order. You can also utilize the chat or email us at, and we can be reached at 615.208.4290 via call or Text.

Q.2 Can I get assistance while purchasing X-treme Electric Bikes and Scooters?

Ans. Yes, you are welcome to discuss your riding style and needs. We provide you seamless buying assistance on different kinds of stylish X-treme Scooters Electric Bikes, including;

  • x treme malibu electric bike
  • x treme folding electric bike
  • x treme rubicon electric bike
  • x treme cabo cruiser electric bike moped
  • x treme cursion folding electric mountain bike
  • x-treme beach cruiser electric bike
  • X-treme electric bike accessories
  • X-treme electric bike parts
  • X-treme Step Thru electric bike
  • X-treme Fat tire Ebikes

Q3. Where can I buy X-treme Bike Parts and Accessories?

Ans. Electrical bike parts and accessories are a little more specialized. This is why we provide a comprehensive choice of X-treme electric bike parts, batteries, spares, and accessories straight from our store under the 'Batteries and parts' Section.

Q4. How long will my X-treme Electric Bicycle order take to arrive?

Ans. We will begin processing your ordered X-treme Electric Bicycle as soon as we receive it, which normally takes 1-3 business days. However, depending on the carrier and your location, shipping normally takes 3-7 business days.

Q5. Can I order X-treme E-Bikes online and pick up my bike in-store?

Ans. Yes, you can order X-treme Electric bikes online from your home's comfort and pick them up at our Nashville, Tennessee E-bike Store. 

Q6. Can I Refund or Return X-treme electric bike?

Ans. Electric Bikes and Scooters' Return Policy allows you to return your X-treme bikes or scooters for a refund or exchange within 15 days of delivery. 

Please refer to the warranty terms for more details on when a return is permitted.

Q7. Why should I Shop X-treme E-bikes from your E-Bike Store?


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