X-treme xcursion elite 24 volt electric bike (New model has hidden battery in frame and rear suspension)

  • $899.00

X-treme xcursion elite is a power assisted folding electric mountain bike, the new x-treme xcursion elite electric bicycle now runs on a 300 watt zero resistance geared rear hub motor (if you choose to ride without power you won't feel the resistance of the motor when pedaling), an upgraded 24 Volt 10 Amp (previously only 8 amp) removable lightweight Lithium battery pack for longer distance riding, 7 Speed Shimano gear system, upgraded JAK front & rear brakes. ALL aluminium frame & wheels, hydraulic shocks & off road tires. 

The battery on the all new re-designed X-treme xcursion elite electric bike is now located inside the bicycle frame and is accessible when the bike is folded. This allows for the seat to adjust much lower than our older version X-cursion electric bike, and can now be comfortably ridden by a shorter rider. This new feature also allows your battery to not be seen. The xcursion elite electric bike folds in 1/2 for easy transport. Rides 20+ MPH for up to 20+ miles each charge.

Additional Features of the X-treme xcursion elite: 

  • Quick Release Front Wheel 
  • LiPo4 Lithium Battery Pack & UL Certified LiPo Battery Charger included. 
  • Re-Charges in 1-4 hours 
  • Quick Disconnect Rear Motor 
  • Low Profile Velo Brand Seat 
  • Kenda On/Off Road Rugged Tires 
  • LED Clip On Headlight 
  • PAS Button On Handle Bar Allows You To Toggle Power Assist System (PAS) On & Off 
  • Shimano Tourney 7 Speed 
  • Choose from natural polished aluminum, black or red xcursion elite