Aostirmotor Electric Bikes

About Aostirmotor Electric Bikes

Aostirmotor Electric bikes come 85% pre-assembled. Tools and a comprehensive assembly video will be provided in the shipping box so you can assemble your new Aostirmotor bike efficiently and quickly. Aostirmotor Electric Bikes have three different riding modes. The first mode is when the power is off. In this mode, you will need to pedal in order to move forward. This mode is the best for those who want to relax and exercise at the same time. The second mode is when the power is on. This mode assists the rider as he moves along. This option is the best for those commuting as well as relaxing. The final mode is one in which no physical exertion is required. No pedaling is needed. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Aostirmotor's most popular bikes are their 750w electric bikes.  That includes the Aostirmotor Ebike S07-G (city), Aostirmotor S07B (city) and the Aostirmotor Electric Mountain Bike S18 (All Terrain). All three of these Aostirmotor electric bikes have a 750w motor which means they are going to go further.

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