Collection: Italian Electric Bikes and Scooters

Shop Italian Electric Bikes for adults and kids, with free shipping. We offer the most stylish and luxurious all Italian electric bike brands for everyday riding, outings, and errands. If you want an amazing riding experience, buy Italian ebikes and scooters now!

Made in Italy means high quality and craftsmanship. We only offer two best Italian bike brands, the ITALWIN & WAYEL. Both  Italian e-bike brands are built by the eco-friendly parent company FIVE. They have been able to create such an efficient system because all elements involved in producing these e-bikes come together in-house, from manufacturing both batteries and frames through the assembly at one location by one person.

We carry different types of Italian electric bike brands that allow you to get a comfortable riding experience without sacrificing the harmony of luxurious and elegant style, such as;

  • Italwin electric bike
  • Wayel electric bike
  • Italian Foldable ebikes
  • Italian Mountain ebikes
  • Italian All Terrain Ebikes
  • Italian City ebikes
  • Italian Mountain StepThru Ebikes

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