Italian electric bike

Five Srl - the largest manufacturer of Italian electric bikes.

Recently we became an authorize dealer of the Italian electric bike brands, Wayel and Italwin.  They are manufactured by Five Srl.  We are excited to be partnered with this environmental friendly company that also produces an excellent Italian electric bike.  Below is an additional information about them. 

Greetings to all E-Bike enthusiasts! We want to introduce ourselves to you. We are FIVE Srl, the most prominent Italian manufacturer of E-Bikes.  

FIVE Srl, the most prominent Italian manufacturer of E-Bikes  

We have a history of building Italian e-bikes in Italy since 2003. We take pride in making a better Italian electric bike, and we strive to surpass the quality standards of each e-bike we build consistently.  

Five Srl manufactures Italian ebikes in a environmental friendly factory

Our factory is a Zero Emission factory in the Bolognese valley, which is rich in historical culture and abundant with skilled craftsmen. In our part of Italy, it is well-known as the "land of motors" or "The Motor Valley, and with good reason. Many renowned manufacturers are concentrated in this valley ranging from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati to Ducati Motorcycle. The area is also quickly becoming known as "Bicycle Valley" because of the many high-quality Italian bicycle components that are produced in this region.

At FIVE Srl we manufacture our two most popular Italian Electric Bikes; the brands Italwin and the Wayel. FIVE Srl purchased these two top Italian e-bike brands in 2017 and then built a brand new 70,000 sq. ft. environmentally green factory.  

Since then, we have expanded our designs and production to 25 different models of Italian Electric Bikes. We continually push the limits on new designs, better technology, and more robust components. Our e-bikes are distributed throughout Italy, Europe, and around the world.

Italian electric bikes made by experienced bike mechanics

One of the essential things that set us apart from the competition is we employ experienced bike mechanics who know how to build and fine-tune a bike. It is all done by hand based on the method of one mechanic assembling one bike at his own assembly station. Then their name is attached to the serial number on the e-bike.

We start by building the e-bikes with our specially designed aluminum frames inspired by the luxury automakers in our valley. These frames are hand spray painted at our factory with specially formulated water-based paints that do not pollute or damage our surrounding environment. Our painting techniques result in a durable and flawless paint finish. Since each frame is hand-painted by a skilled painting operator, it is very common to hear the painter singing an Italian song as they expertly glide the paint back and forth onto the frame. 

Our solar-powered paint drying room operates at the optimal heating temperature to give a long-lasting and smooth paint finish. Next, we hand apply a double layer of decals for the logos and design elements on the frame. We do this all by hand, with the second layer being a clear sticker for a durable decal that resists scratching. By doing it by hand, we can precisely follow the frame's curvature and ensure the decals adhere perfectly to the frame. The finished frames are then moved by conveyor to the dust free overhead warehouse ready to be staged for final assembly by the skilled mechanics.

Once the e-bike is fully assembled to our perfection standards, it is then moved to our separate Quality Control department to check all functions of the e-bike. Then each e-bike is test-ridden by the QC staff before it is certified to meet our high-quality standards. Once the e-bike gets the FIVE stamp of approval, it is boxed and delivered to customers worldwide in perfect condition. When you receive our e-bikes there is no need for adjustments except to screw on the pedals and up-right and tighten the handlebars.

We assemble our own electric bike batteries

Another unique process that we do is assemble our own battery systems. We are the only Italian bike manufacturer with an industrial-grade automated welding machine combined with expert hand assembly to assure super strong welds on the wires and battery contacts. This makes a superior battery system that can withstand very rough roads and long-term vibrations. We have battery testing equipment that measures the strength of each cell and a road use simulation machine to test the battery as well as the entire electric bike. We use only the best battery cells to give the battery system a longer life span. Each battery system goes through a stress discharge simulation to verify the battery system can withstand intense charging and discharging to assure optimal battery strength. - is a family owned business that specializes in electric bikes. 

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