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Electric Bike FAQ

There are many variables that determine the weight of an electric bike.   Most electric bikes will weight between 35 lbs to 70 lbs. 

An electric bike with fat tires has many benefits, especially for beginners.   Fat tire electric bikes provide a more stable and smooth ride and are more forgiving.  They offer the flexibility of riding on trails in the woods and pavement.  The one drawback is they are often heavier and can be harder to pedal manually. 

To answer your question, we have a variety of step-through E-Bikes models that are best used by active seniors. It just comes down to personal preference and budget for the individual user!

Two options below that offer a step-through:

Italwin Trend 28

X-treme trail climber elite max 36


The federal law allows e-bike riders to follow the same guidelines as regular bicycles.  However, it's important that you check your local laws before riding an electric bicycle in areas where ebikes are banned or restricted because some cities have implemented further restrictions.  Please check your local codes. 

Yes, we offer Wayel and Italwin electric bikes.  They are manufactured by Five SRL, the largest Italian manufacture of ebikes.  We choose to carry Wayel and Italwin because of their quality and they are made in a zero emission factory.  We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Wayel and Italwin electric bikes. 

You can read additional information at Italian Electric Bikes

The Italian electric bike manufacturer FIVE SRL offers the brands Italwin and Wayel.  Both of these EBike brands are made in Italy. 

Below is a video that offers an excellent overview of FIVE SRL


When you receive your Xtreme electric bike, some assembly will be required.   Typically you will need to install the front wheel, handlebars, seat, and accessories.

It is not possible to charge your Xtreme electric bike battery while riding since electric bicycles do not have regeneration built into them.  If electric bikes did have regeneration built into them, it would only be able to charge when going down hill and or not using any power.  In order for regeneration to work, the bike would be slowed by the motor, due to the fact the motor would be working in reverse to charge the batteries.

We do not recommend riding in rain regularly. The electrical components of your Xtreme electric bicycle can withstand heavy rainfall but there is a chance that the LCD screen might malfunction.  We recommend that you cover the  LCD screen  on the 48 Volt Electric Bicycles during rain.  This will protect against water getting inside the Led Screen. 

The average speed of an Xtreme electric bike is 15-25 mph.  It will vary depending on the different volts/motor watts and rider size but can be as high or low.

Weight will vary depending on the model.   Xtreme electric bikes will range from 50 lbs to 83 lbs.   Xtreme electric bicycle scooters can range from 170 lbs to 220 lbs.

The factories that manufacturer Xtreme bikes are located in China.